About Ginger & Olives


My food blog, Ginger & Olives, is my hobby. It allows me to do all the things I love – cooking, taking pictures of things and writing.

Ginger & Olives started off as a university project in 2012 when I had to set up a blog for an Online Branding course. By the time the semester was over I decided that this is something I want to continue doing. Moreover, I was free to do whatever I wanted to and did not have to stick to any curricular requirements! :)

Admittedly, I went a little overboard and decided to write about ALL THE THINGS that I enjoy or am interested in: marketing, branding, traveling and food. Bit much, ‘eh? A few weeks later I came to that conclusion too. Not only was it hard to find a balance (I cook more than I travel), it became very difficult to position my blog and build up a clear image.

This is a hobby and hobbies should be fun rather than difficult! That’s the reason I decided to stick with what I do almost every day: cooking!

Since then I’ve changed the style of my blog a few times, deleted recipes that I don’t feel are representative anymore and even gotten (somewhat) active on social media :)

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