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Hong Kong BBQ Pork

In 2011/2012 I spent one semester living and studying in Hong Kong. It was an amazing time and filled with very interesting culinary experiences. I think I only encountered very few dishes that I didn’t like and many that I loved. One of the dishes I had at least twice a week is Hong Kong BBQ Pork Rice which was available everywhere, including the university canteen.

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Vegetarian Chinese Dumplings: Steamed and Fried

Considering all things edible, dumplings are probably one of the most versatile out there. Those little pieces of dough present the perfect canvas for ingredients from all around the world. It seems like you can find dumplings in most cuisines around the world, either sweet or savoury, using different kinds of dough, fried or steamed and so on and so forth. Reading the Wikipedia article on dumplings it looks like a challenge worth taking: Try all the dumplings. Maybe (probably?) someone’s done that already.

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